Hot pressed turbo diamond saw blade for general use

Short Description:

Color: red, blue,orange and cutomer design acceptable
Package: color box,bouble blister,customer design acceptable
Usage: Marble, granite, concrete, brick etc
MOQ: 2000pcs for one design
Number: UP1002

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1.Very sharpness
2.Longlife time
3.Very good balance
4.Cutting with water and without water
Turbo saw blade divides into wide turb, thin wave, midium turbo by teeth shapes. Some other fancy shapes occur for needs of market competition recently.
●wide turbo
Higher strength, suitable for strong impact occasion, very abrasive stone, concrete, reinforced concrete, etc.
●narrow turbo
Cooling better, chip free; the strength lower, better sharpness, used in  homogeneous-type materials.
●midium tubo
Its usage is between wide turbo and thin turbo, high versatility.
In same formula, the sharpness as follow:
Narrow turbo > mid turbo > wide turbo

Hot-pressed blade:
The blades get pressure outside, keep the pressure for a certain time when sintering.
Strength: high strength, high concentration, and high holding force of diamond.
Weakness: high cost, low productivity
Most of the high-level blades are the hot pressed blades in market currently.

Features : Hot pressed blade with super thin rim suitable for fast, free, smooth cutting.
Application: Tile, bricks, brick blocks, concrete, marble, granite, stone and many other materials.
Machinery: Angle Grinder, circular saw, masonry saw, table saw.

Diameter/mm Bore/mm Segment thickness/mm Segment height/mm
105 20/22.23 2.0 8.0
115 22.23 2.0 8.0
125 22.23 2.0 8.0
150 22.23 2.2 8.0
180 22.23 2.4 8.0
230 22.23 2.6 8.0
Normal Turbo saw blade (1)
Normal Turbo saw blade (2)
Normal Turbo saw blade 1

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