Super thin continuous diamond saw blade for ceramic and hard procelain

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Color: red, blue,orange and cutomer design acceptable
Package: color box,bouble blister,customer design acceptable
Usage: Marble, granite, concrete, brick etc
MOQ: 2000pcs for one design
Number: UP1005

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Hot pressed
Very sharpness
Little chipping
Ultra thin thickness
Very good balance
Cutting with water and without water
Laser kerf

1.It designed with super matrix and super cutting head, high sharpness, high precision, Small side damage ,mainly used in marble machine、Angle grinder( dry and wet),especially decorating houses.

2.Hot-pressed blade:
The blades get pressure outside, keep the pressure for a certain time when sintering.
Strength:high strength,high concentration,and high holding force of diamond.
Weakness: high cost,low productivity
Most of the high-level blades are the hot pressed blades in market currently.

2.The chipping is gone easily and cooling better when cutting, because of its turbo segment design making surface area more. Compared with the others blade, it performs much better. Continuous rim make it much preciser and safe.

3. Laser kerf is made some slots in teeth and the margin of matrix by laser , it can be better in cutting, more sharpness, meanwhile lower matrix changes.

Features: Special slot and ultra-thin kerf through the rim and core release stress on the blade during cutting. Good performance and price rate, free chipping.
Application: Tile, ceramic, porcelain.
Machinery: Tile saw, bevel-tile saw, angle grinder and circular saw.
Different arbor sizes and segment specifications are available upon request.

Diameter/mm Bore/mm Segment thickness/mm Segment height/mm
105 20/22.23 1.8 8.0/10/12
115 22.23 2.0 8.0/10/12
125 22.23 2.0 8.0/10/12
150 22.23 2.0 8.0/10/12
180 22.23 2.4 8.0/10/12
200 22.23 2.4 8.0/10/12
230 22.23 2.6 8.0/10/12
250 22.23 2.8 8.0/10/12
300 25.4 3.0 8.0/10/12
super thin continous saw blade  (1)
super thin continous saw blade  (2)
super thin continous saw blade  (3)
super thin continous saw blade  (4)

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