How to choose and use saw blade

It is important to choose diamond saw blade. Because it can improve working efficiency, and decrease cost. Then there are some important factors ( as follows):

1.Cutting material
According to different cutting material we choose different saw blade , for example ,the special cutting concrete ,special cutting stone and so on

2. Geometry and size
Choose size and type according to the size and quality of cutting material. For example, diameter in circle saw blade is much triple than the object.

3. Machining precision
Choose narrow slot saw blade or continuous teeth saw blade to cutting smooth surface, thin, or fragile material.
otherwise, choose wide slot saw blade.

4. Machine
Choose wear-resisting saw blade for long life when machine power is high , choose sharpness saw blade for cutting efficiency when the machine power is low . It is better choose wear-resisting saw blade when the machine works deviation or low precision . choose speediness saw blade for high precision.
How to use(saw blade)
Usually,before using, the blade need to sharpened, if the blade sharpened not good or did not sharpened, the cutting performance will not good. And the blade need to sharpened by abrasive materail (like firebrick、soft dinas , etc). It can repairs by the same way when dulling , slipping.
Security in using
Installs abye the instruction .
Wear essential protection tools on when working.
Straight cutting, steady cutting , no curve cutting or deflecting force.
No dry cutting continuously too long time

Post time: Aug-30-2022