History of diamond saw blade

Diamond has become an important force to promote the development of national economy due to the incomparable superiority of other materials. Diamond tools (cutting tools, drilling tools, grinding tools, etc.) are widely used in home building materials, tools, oil drilling, coal mining, medical equipment, aerospace (titanium alloy, aluminum alloy processing, etc.) and many other fields, and have created huge economic value and social benefits.
Throughout the global development of diamond tool manufacturing, In the 1960s, industrialization was developed rapidly in developed countries in Europe and America ; in the late 1970s, Japan has quickly won the competition with the European and American countries with its low cost, And became one of the leaders in the industry ; Subsequently, in the 1980s, South Korea replaced Japan as the new diamond tool industry giant ; in the 1990s, Although China’s diamond-related industry started relatively late, But with the global rise of Chinese manufacturing, China’s diamond tool industry also began to start, Through the unremitting efforts and development of several generations, At present, China has thousands of diamond-related industry manufacturers, The annual output value exceeds 10 billion yuan, Become one of the only suppliers of the international diamond tool market.
Overv iew of d iamond saw b lade development
Since 1885, the French have made the first diamond saw blade of natural
diamond with coarse particles[1~3]Has a history of more than a hundred years. In
the development process of this one hundred years, it can be divided into several meaningful time nodes.After 1930, powder metallurgy technology became increasingly mature, and diamond began to be mixed with metal powder, and use powder metallurgy to make a knife head, and then welded on the substrate, which was the early prototype of modern saw blade.In 1955, the birth of artificial diamond greatly promoted the development of the diamond tool industry. With the continuous progress of artificial diamond technology, artificial diamond gradually replaced the expensive natural diamond, which made the large-scale application of diamond saw blade possible. At present, diamond saw chips are mainly used for the cutting of hard and brittle materials, including granite marble and other stone materials,

glass, ceramic products, semiconductors, gems, cast iron, and concrete products in roads and Bridges. With the continuous development and improvement of diamond
blade technology, its application field will be broader, diamond blade blade has
become the diamond most consuming diamond tool[4,5]。
China is rich in stone resources, with the development of economy, the consumption of stone is also getting higher and higher, giving rise to a huge market demand for diamond tools. According to the China Market Research Center
(until 2010), as shown in Figure 1.1. China’s diamond saw blade sales increased significantly between 2003 and 2008, with an average increase of about 15%. In 2009 and 2010, the sales decreased slightly, but the overall market capacity fluctuated at 18 billion yuan. Combined with the previous diamond sales data of the eight years and international and domestic economic development, the survey agency made a forecast of the diamond saw blade market demand from 2011 to 2015 (2010 forecast) as shown in Figure 1.2.

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Figure 1.1 Sales change of diamond saw blade in recent years unit: 100 million yuan
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Figure 1.2 Market demand unit of diamond saw blade and its substrate in China from 2011 to 2015: Unit of 100 million pieces
According to the forecast data chart of China Market Research Center, with the continuous expansion of diamond saw blade, the Chinese market demand for diamond saw blade and substrate will still increase by about 15% per year in the future. It is expected that the demand for diamond saw blade and substrate in China will reach 3.201 billion pieces by 2015. Facing the huge market demand, for each diamond saw blade manufacturer is both an opportunity and a challenge. Only the production of high sharpness, long service life, stable performance, high cost performance of the diamond saw blade, in order to occupy the market as soon as possible, seize the opportunity.

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