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HeBei UPIN Diamond Tools CO., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise which has strong economic strength and technic research power. lt is located in New High-tech Development Zone of Zhengding county, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province.
We keep long-term cooperation with Yanshan University, Henan University of Technology and Shijiazhuang Vocational Technology Institute. These Universities offer us strong technical force and skillful workers and make us keep more advantage in technology.

We're professional company with fully equipped and exquisite technology. Our products include saw blade, diamond segment, wire saw, polishing pad, cut wheel, core drill bit, PCD saw blade and so on. We has exported our products to more than 35 Countries and Regions, like Brazil, Mexico, USA, Italy, Poland, Russia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa, etc.
Let's start our relationship, hand in hand, for our brilliant life!

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After-sales service Management Documents
Serial number:Q/UP,C,015
Organization: After-sale department
Verification: Production&Technical Department
Approval:Susan su
Date: 1st Jan 2018
1 After-sales Service provisions
In order to deal with customer complaints more quickly and better, maintain the company's reputation, improve the company's competitiveness in the market, promote the improvement of product quality, train employees to set up the concept of "quality first", and standardize the after-sales service and handling system, this regulation is formulated.
Ⅰ. Complaints range
1. Defects in product quality;
2. Product specifications, thickness, grade and quantity are not in conformity with the contract or order;
3. Product quality indicators exceed the allowable range of national standards;
4. The product is damaged in transit;
5. Damage is caused by packaging quality;
6. Other terms inconsistent with the contract or order.
Ⅱ Classification of Customer Complaints
1. Complaints not caused by quality problems of the product (transportation, packaging and human factors);
2. Complaints caused by quality problems of the product (referring to factors caused by the physical quality of the product itself);
Ⅲ Processing organization
After-sales Center
Ⅳ Flow chart of customer complaint handling
Customer Complaint → Sales Department → Fill in Customer Complaint Report Form →Production Technology Department Record→ Investigation by After-sales Service Team→ Cause of Quality Problems →- Preliminary Handling Opinion Report → Quality Assurance Responsibility → Assessment →Analysis of Product Quality Problems →Improve the Plan on Meeting→ Implementation Result
Not Product Problem
1. Discuss with Customer and make the agreement
Ⅴ Customer complaint workflow
Sales department when received customer complaints, find out the product name, customer name, specification number, grade, delivery time, use time, to land, prices, shipping style, customer phone number , production date, packing materials and general situation of customers reflect the quality problem, and fill in the customer complaint report on it, within one working day give to production technical after-sales service centers for the record.

Hold a special quality analysis meeting every month for monthly centralized processing. The meeting was hosted by the Quality Inspection Department. The participants were the general manager, deputy general manager , the production technology department, the sales department, the supply department, the production workshop, the finished product department and the transportation department. All relevant department must attend the meeting. The units that do not attend the meeting will be fine 200 yuan.

Make a judgment on the reason of customer complaint according to the quality analysis meeting, determine the attribution of responsibility. For product claims and other expenses caused by product quality, where the responsibility is clear, the responsible department and responsible person shall bear 60% of the loss, and the related department and responsible person shall bear 40% of the loss; Where the liability is not clear and the specific cause of the quality accident cannot be determined, the claim and other expenses shall be borne from the approved rate of damage and quality accident handling fee of the current year. If the product claims and other expenses caused by the quality of the product are large, the liability can be divided after the study in the monthly quality accident handling meeting.

For customer complaints caused by quality problems , the responsible department shall come up with improvement plans and organize and implement them as soon as possible.

The production technology department shall supervise and inspect the implementation effect of the improvement plan, and establish customer complaint handling files to keep relevant data.

After the conclusion of the quality analysis meeting, the sales department will feedback the result to the complainant within one working day.

First processed the customer complaint investigation report, save production technology (as the basis of the inspection, supervision and inspection), the second league save sales (as the basis of to carry out the processing result), the first triple the finance department (as the basis of accounting), the fourth united save the responsibility of the corresponding departments (as the basis of quality improvement).

The production technology department collects customer complaint cases at the end of the year and fills in the Customer Complaint Statistical Form, which serves as the basis for the year-end assessment of the production workshop and the formulation of quality objectives for the next year.

After receiving the Customer Complaint Report Form, the After-sales Service Team shall close the case within one month at the latest

This system shall come into effect as of the date of promulgation, and the original system shall be invalidated accordingly.

The right of interpretation of this system belongs to the production technology department.

Production Technology Department
1ST Jan 2018